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About Me!

Jon Henning

Hello! My name is Jon Henning, host of this website. I am continuing to update the layout. As time goes on, this site will have more and more projects and links that I would encourage you to check out!

About myself, I am beginning my journey in the field of .NET development. I am a recent graduate from Kansas State University majoring in mathematics and secondary education. After graduation, I wanted to make a career change. I have found a great passion in programming and web application development. I thoroughly enjoy the complex problem solving. Web Development involves a wonderful mix of creativity and logic, with logic being something I especially enjoy. I hope to share the passion I have with all who visit.

A few of my hobbies include skiing, gaming, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. I also am a big sports fan when it comes to baseball and football. Skiing is one of my favorites. Every year during the Spring, my family goes skiing in Colorado. One day, I hope to live closer to the mountains. Thank you all for stopping by and checking out my site!